Víťa Šujan

When I was about 16, the problem how to handle my leisure was solved. Upon the idea of my dear younger, then rather impulsive, brother I started learning the double-bass. Shortly after that the Velvet Event arrived, Truth and Love may not have really won, but all sorts of things were possible, such as playing in the street and collecting into the hat. So many jobs were open, as to ban further education. No zeal, let alone time, was left. Actually, after the lapse of some 16 years that do not deserve much ado, I was quite surprised (and pleased) by the invitation of Quaquarteto to join them. They somehow have not managed to push me away; efforts seem to have been vain. Not to forget, would you remind me in about 16 years to update this humble and serious curriculum vitae of mine.

And a jolly story to end with: One of the really very live concerts of Quaquarteto culminated by my arpeggio pizzicato with admirable bravura that let the bridge of my double bass, and then also its soul, collapse. During the banquet that followed I was repeatedly asked whether I always do it this way. Let me use this platform to answer that I do not, but I begin considering such option. (I had the soul adjusted to the original spot – however, who can tell where the site of the soul definitely is…)

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